Items to bring to class throughout the week:
  • Laptops - updated / latest version of iTunes before class (if you do not own a laptop one will be provided for you)
  • Apple iTunes free download
  • Register for an iTunes account prior to class (if you register in class you'll need a credit card / iTunes gift card)
  • Digital photos in a folder on your desktop, on a CD, or a Jumpdrive
  • 3 or 4 Music CDs
  • Earbuds

Class Agenda Session 1:
(Please take breaks as needed)
Today Students will:
  • Research the history and current uses of iPads in Education
  • Design a Wiki for collecting assignments and collaborating with peers
  • Register for Animoto
  • Search for Applications for professional and personal use

Name Tents
  • Fold Hot-dog style
  • Write your Name (Large enough for all to see)
  • Where you work & what you do there

Brainstorming (Using Applications)
  • What do you know about, how much do you use: E-Readers, iPads, iPods, MP3 Players, Audiobooks, Handheld devices, Applications, iTunes, Syncing...
  • For more information check out the Simple Mind Touch website

View the YouTube Video "Why We Need to Teach Technology in School" and have a round table discussion on the trends in technology today.

Create a Wiki
If you already have a wiki site just create a new page for your iPad Class.
Include your last name in your Wiki Name / Title
  • create hyperlinks to classmates' & Class wiki pages
  • create documents in MS Word to make sure you do not have any spelling errors

Manage Wiki Space
  • Change the Look & Feel (color, style, upload pictures / logos)
  • Subscription (K-12 Education - Free of Ads)

Sign Up for Animoto
During Session 3 you will be working on creating a video using Animoto.
Please go to the website to register and request a free educator upgrade.
This will give you the extended length and features available.
*An alternative to this assignment is creating a video using the application iMovie (which you will need to purchase through the iTunes store for $4.99)

Assignment #1 Five Web Sites and/or Articles (Complete for 2 Graduate Credits)
Explore the following 2 articles and summarize your findings and connect it to your learning in 1-2 paragraphs, with correct APA citation.
PBS article "How Will the iPad Change Education?"
T.H.E. Journal article "Measuring the iPad's Potential for Education"

Next, find 3 more that relate to using the iPad, E-Readers, or Applications in the classroom.
Post a 1-2 paragraph summary of each article to your wiki along with an APA reference to the article.
Use the APA format for the correct citation and quotations in your summaries.

Use the OWL from Purdue to help you write your citation correctly.
ProQuest article search engine
ERIC article search engine
EBSCOhost article search engine
Easy Bibliography Citations
21st Century Information Fluency Citation Wizard
BibMe Fast and Easy Bibliography Maker
The KnightCite allows you to enter all of the information and then gives you the APA reference citation.

Look at iPads and discuss package contents: iPad, Charging Box, Syncing Cord
Optional Items You Can Purchase:Screen Protector, Case Protector, VGA Adapter / Connector

View iPad Features Guide

Set up your iTunes account:
Plug in your iPad and iTunes will open up. A screen will open asking for your personal information (email, password, address, credit card or iTunes gift card number). You need to register your iPad before you are able to use all of the features and purchase any (including Free) applications.

Buttons & Settings:
On / Off
Side Switch - Screen Lock / Mute - this can be changed in the Settings app
SIM Card
Charging cord
Front and back cameras

  1. Wi-Fi / 3G Network
  2. Notifications
  3. Brightness / Wallpaper
  4. Picture Frame
  5. General - Bluetooth, Auto Lock, Passcode, iPad Cover Lock, Restrictions, Side Switch, Accessibility,
  6. Mail, Contacts, Calendars (Add: Class dates, Assignment due dates, e-Mail Account(s), etc.)

Watch the **Guided Tours** and let's try out some of the features together.
  • Add dates to your Calendar
  • Set up your email & contacts
  • Try the map feature
  • Take a screen shot & view in your photo app
  • Try out the Camera and Photo Booth apps - view videos & pictures in the built in Video & Photo apps
  • Write a Note or make a list of applications to check out
  • Re-arrange application icons on your home screen
  • Double click the Home button - slide app bar all the way to the left & right, close out apps, notice the features to the left of the iPod icon (Mute or Screen Lock, Brightness & Volume)
  • Search a website using Safari, add it as a bookmark, add another to your home screen
  • Search the iTunes store for iBooks & download it
  • Search the iTunes store for applications to use in your classroom / educational setting

Additional Videos about the Applications for your iPad:

Assignment #2 Fifteen Applications
Find 10 content specific (Educational) applications at the iTunes store. These applications should be of value to you and your students.
On your wiki include the Name of the Application, a link to it in iTunes, and how you use it in your educational setting. Some suggestions can be found through the links on the Marian iPad Applications page.
The second part of the assignment is finding 5 personal applications that you can use for personal or professional growth. Post on your wiki the Name of the Application, a link to it in iTunes, and how you are using it.

Assignment #3 Present an Application (Complete for 2 Graduate Credits)
Choose one of your content specific applications and prepare a lesson plan that you will share with your class on the last day. You need to share how you plan to use this application in your classroom as well as demonstrate to your peers how the application works.