Class Agenda Session 3:
(Please take breaks as needed)

Today Students Will:

  • Explore YouTube and / or Teacher Tube for an Educational Video
  • Create a Video and Sync it to the iPad

Assignment #6 Videos
6A. Find a You Tube or Teacher Tube video about Using iPads in Education. On your wiki add the video you selected by creating a Widget from the Editing Toolbar.
For help with uploading videos to your wiki see the Wikispaces Help page.

Teacher Tube Videos

Uploading Video to your Wiki
Free Vid: Use this site if you need to download streaming video, such as content from YouTube.

6B. Animoto or iMOVIE
Video podcast (sometimes shortened to vodcast or less commonly vidcast) is a term used for the online delivery of video on demand video clip content via Atom or RSS enclosures. The term is an evolution specialized for video, coming from the generally audio-based podcast and referring to the distribution of video where the RSS feed is used as a non-linear TV channel to which consumers can subscribe using a PC, TV, set-top box, media center or mobile multimedia device. Web television series are often distributed as video podcasts.

This video was created by a former iPad class student who researched the uses of iPads as an online learning tool.
It gives us an excellent idea of not only how to create a valuable Animoto video, but the amazing tools the iPad offers us as educators.

Using one of the featured video programs, or purchase and download either the Animoto app or the iMovie app to create a video of your own.

You can also purchase and download the iMovie app ($4.99) and create a video from photos or videos, either in your photo album on your iPad or using your iPad Camera. Also available: an Animoto iPad App for free.

Additional resources

Web 2.0 Video websites:

Music Sites:

I want to mix several songs to create 1 track - How do I do that??
Try Audacity
But don't forget to download the Lame MP3 Converter file to your DESKTOP!
Here's a link to a wiki tutorial to to using Audacity.